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Types of HGH

Be Careful What HGH You Choose

There are four major ways in which you may retain your levels of hgh: (1) administering injectable prescription hgh; (2) taking homeopathic hgh; (3) supplementing with hgh precursors or boosters; and (4) using natural non-supplement methods.

Injectable Prescription HGH

You may have exposed to the controversy in major league baseball regarding the use of performance enhancing substances. These include anabolic steroids and injectable forms of hgh, which can only be prescribed by a physician. Injectable prescription hgh is typically very expensive and has the highest risk of side effects. It involves the injections of actual growth hormone into the human body.

Homeopathic HGH

Homeopathy works on the principle of ingesting minute amounts of what ails you. Homeopathic delivery systems tend to be sublingual and claim to offer very quick delivery into the bloodstream. They are likely to be available in different concentrations and work on a holistic basis (i.e. work on the whole being). They are typically very safe to use.

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HGH Precursors

Hgh precursors are also know as secretagogues. They are essentially stacked amino acids that stimulate the body to increase its own natural production of growth hormone. They are considered safe because the body seems to be able to regulate its own release of hgh, which makes it virtually impossible to get too much. Athletes and bodybuilders use hgh precursors to achieve quicker muscle recovery and increase lean muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Non-supplement HGH

Another reputed method of producing hgh without supplements or drugs, is to do quick intense exercise sessions alternating between weight training and sprinting. It seems that performing these workout routines dramatically increases growth hormone. The key is the intensity and the short duration of each interval within the total workout.


Based on the above, what method should you use? It would seem that a combination of homeopathic hgh and hgh precursors along with short intense exercise would be the safest most effective method for the majority of people. It would also appear that a sublingual oral spray is the most effective delivery system.

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